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  WEB design -  2D and  3D animations -  Power Point and interactive  CDs   -  3D  virtual scenes -
          2D and  3D   illustration -  Educative illustrations for children and kids - Creation of characters  - 
          Books  and  CV presentation design -   Graphic  Design  -  Art design for  CDs  -   Teaching services


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              WEB design

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2D and  3D Animations
   (for video,TV, CD & Internet )  




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   Power Point presentations and interactive CD s
  ( advertising, catalogues, educative, etc )



virtual 3D scenes

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                                2D y 3D graphic design
                                        and illustrations

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creation of characters and
  illustration for children and kids

design and programming
interactive CD ROM s
(educative, institutionals
and publicity ones )


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                                        Books   &  CV design

                                            trademarks  design



Cover Art and Design
for  CD s

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graphic ,animation & multimedia

                                         Paula Córdova                                        

Born in Buenos Aires, 1960. Drawing and Painting Studies ( 1970-1985 ).
Design Studies at FAU( UBA) ( 1979-1981 ) and graduated
as Lic. in Art History (UBA) , Universidad Nacional de Buenos Aires) ( 1987 )
Several seminars and  film animation ,
computer generated animation and  multimedia studies (1987-1999).
She worked and made several graphic design and computer animations
for  video and TV producers and educative videos  since 1989.

Since  1996 she has been working in  design  ,multimedia and teaching areas
Besides goes on working on digital art and net-art.
Has  exhibited at  national and international net-art  museums and sites ,
and her work was exhibited  on TV and radio : " Canal A" TV channel( Arte Web )
and National Radio of Spain ( Radio3 ).
Winner of the  GOLDEN WEB AWARD for her web site of Digital Art and  Multimedia( 2002 y 2003)
and awarded too with the   I - WEB  Spain  Award
"for the best quality of contents and design" of her site  (june 2003).


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This page has won the
Golden Web Award
 ( International Association of Webmasters and Designers)

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            computer generated graphics,animation and multimedia
since 1989 to present